Submitted by Mike Johnson with the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, February, 2022

On the first day of February 2022, the Linn Benton Food Share warehouse, located outside of Tangent, received a truck-trailer load of food and supplies from the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The next day another truck and trailer load of food arrived. Former Linn County Commissioner, Will Tucker (now seeking re-election), enjoyed viewing the process.

Each large delivery truck was labeled “Deseret Industries” because the public services division of the Latter-day Saint Church is named “Deseret” after an ancient word for the honey bee, which bee, as we all know, is totally devoted to diligent work and service to others.

Each Deseret Industries truck carried 22 pallets consisting of five or six levels of food, and home supplies. Included in the total 44 pallets are hundreds of cans of fruits and vegetables and stews and baking supplies and jams. One very interesting commodity is the two full pallets of ready-made cake mix. There are 108 cases of cake mix in the two pallets. Each case contains 22 cake mix envelopes. Each envelope will make 12 servings of cake, yielding 28,512 servings of cake for nearby hungry folks, especially children.

Dedicated workers at the Linn Benton Food Share declared this was one of the largest shipments the warehouse has ever received. Before the second Deseret Industries truck and trailer pulled out of the Linn Benton Food Share premises, the manager for local charity Fish Of Albany had loaded up food and supplies to be distributed at Fish. Many local charities will be similarly blessed. Probably in a year or so, Deseret Industries will be able to again provide more food to Linn Benton Food Share.